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When in Rome...

After two years of Covid, almost doubling the number of colleagues in the meantime and a lot of video calling, instead of actually meeting, we are finally picking up a company tradition: Talksome is on tour again! We are moving the entire company for a week to complete a secret project. This week we are living the dolce vita in Rome.

Photo of us working from Rome

You might say sun, ancient city and each others’ company do not make for a productive week, workwise. We admit, having some time abroad calls for some non-work related time and for much needed team-bonding fun . However, we make a full working week ensuring we complete our project and perform all of our crucial tasks at the same time. Even if we’re abroad, your platform is being watched closely :).

In 2018, we started the tradition of taking one week in a year to work on a secret project. Whilst we are always working on multiple projects, a week like this means that the whole team is working side by side, focussing on one topic only. This enables us to do a 1-week sprint and deliver (the stepping stone) to a new product.

The objective for “Talksome on tour 2022” is to finish and launch our project online by the end of the week. By that time, we aim to fulfil a wish that we have had for a long time and will help both new and existing customers.

Why are we not disclosing our project yet? We told you, it’s a secret ;). You might have noticed that we brought Taco, our mascotte, to Rome. Gathering from the pictures, he is having a blast! During this week, he will do a daily update on what he is doing and how we are progressing with our project. He might even share some details here and there, so stay tuned ;)



Just a young dreamer here! Aiming to be the catcher in the rye and all.

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