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Bridge 1.4 is out now!

We have a new release of Bridge 1.4! The new updated version of Bridge introduces a brand new design that resonates with our rebranding. Additionally, we reorganised the menu items and changed the terminology of the user statuses.

Change in the User and Main menu items

With the previous versions of Bridge, we have noticed that some of the main menu and user menu items weren’t at the places where users expected them. For example, signing out of the application was combined with the user statuses, which affects phone reachability, whereas the button for logging out of the phones was in the main menu. Now we have swapped those around. The button managing phones them can be found in the user menu, and signing out of the applications can be found in the main menu. The purpose of this new rearrangement of the User and Main menu items in Bridge is to provide a more intuitive order of the functionalities, that would potentially help the user to find what they need faster and easier.

With the same purpose in mind, we also changed the terminology of the user statuses. The difference between the old version and Bridge 1.4 is that the “Busy” and “Away” strings are now a more descriptive text – “No queue calls” and “No calls”. This way, the terminology used for navigating the user with the call settings in Bridge is clearer to understand.

Change of design

Finally, the new version of Bridge is designed in-tone with Talksome’s branding. In particular, the new design applies the new brand colours- light and dark blue, together with the new font choice, more suitable for user interfaces - font Inter. Just like the recent version of Panel, Bridge 1.4 also introduces an individual new logo, which distinguishes Bridge from the rest of the applications that support Compass. The new logo of Bridge takes the form of a headset, making it more recognisable as a tool that enables agents complete control over their desk phones via the application.

Click here to explore the new version: bridge.hostedcompass.com
Learn more about Bridge: talksome.com/bridge



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